DALIA Power Energies


In May 2009 the setup of the Dalia Power Energies Ltd power station has been setup in the Tel Tzafit region, close to Re’em Junction and adjacent to a long-established Israel Electric Corporation power station.
The station is slated to supply 870 MW per hour, which is approximately 7% of the total national electrical production, in a combined cycle of two units. Dalia Power Energies offers business customers electricity at reduced rates relative to those of the Israel Electric Corporation’s Ta’oz (Load and Time) program. Customers of Dalia Power Energies benefit from cheaper electricity, with no investment in equipment and so forth and at no risk to the customer. The Company plans to continue providing advanced energy solutions adapted to the requirements of both the customers and environmental issues.

Business requirement

Dalia Power Energies needed a new system to support a new billing platform based on 15 minutes metering with Peak/HI/LO timeframes for its Business to Business customers in Israel.
The new system also needed to provide Contract Management capabilities in order to manage many connections per contract and to be able to successfully manage the prospect-to-customer lifecycle.


Dalia Power Energies has chosen to implement MECOMS™ to perform the Meter Data Management, Contract Management, Billing and interfacing with metering data from the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).

Mano Strul, CIO Dalia Power Energies:

Dalia Power Energies is the biggest private electricity producer in the Israeli Market, we’re about to produce around 870MW which is a total of 7% of Israel generation capacity. All while meeting the strictest environmental standards.
Dalia Power Energies offers business customers discounted electricity tariffs with respect to the Israeli Electricity Corporation tariffs. Customers who are contracting with Dalia Energies benefit from discounted electricity that will result in significant annual financial savings over time in a minimal financial investment. Dalia Power Energies plans to produce electricity at competitive prices and volumes that mitigate a significant part of the needs of the Israeli economy and its growth estimations.
The station will generate electricity using a combined cycle turbines powered by natural gas that ensures maximum energy efficiency and environmental protection. The first phase is planned to produce a capacity of 435 MW, while the second phase will yield an additional 435 megawatts and to a total of 870 MW.

Why did you select MECOMS™?

We’ve chosen to implement MECOMS™ built upon Dynamics AX suite by Microsoft as we found it a highly adoptable and easy to adjust as well as to support platform. We’ve found MECOMS™ to be a worldwide leader in utility data meter management systems.
MECOMS™ has all necessary experience for the Israeli utility market and regulations, so time to market was short with low degree of risk for the implementation.

What is the most remarkable achievement that you have realized with MECOMS™ up to now?

We were quite delighted to find out from the moment the system went live to see all required data uploaded and streamlined to the system, complex calculations were proved to be correct which enable us to manage our business processes on the spot and without any delays. Thus, being able to focus on electricity productions rather than to deal with complex implementations of ERP systems.

Where provides MECOMS™ the biggest improvements for your business and IT-operations?

MECOMS™ EUCA elements together with common utilities knowledge such as ‘Time-Sliced data’ make the implementation journey short and simple without losing any business requirement. Moreover, using MECOMS™ as a basis allow delivering simple answers to many questions so MECOMS™ actually guide the customer through safe implementation where utilities issues are well known at the beginning.

What are your future plans with MECOMS™?

Future plans are for BI integration, and smart meters as the market will evolve due to competition.
Tami Zeitan, Partner, IT Solutions consulting firm: One of the main principles that guides IT Solutions through the process of selecting and matching the best solution for a customer’s requirements is the absolute need on not to compromise! Neither on the best technology nor on the best and most experienced integrator – and this was exactly what led us in the case of Dalia Power Energies. We choose on Microsoft Dynamics AX with MECOMS™ on the Platform and solution side, altogether with the Prodware Israel team.
The Utilities market in Israel is only doling its first steps towards a grid structure, we found Prodware relationship with Ferranti and its successful track record in implementing MECOMS™ a great advantage as it was clear that Prodware will be able to drive lots of practical know-how, processes and best practices in the Dalia project.

MECOMS™ Partner

Founded in 1989, PRODWARE creates, integrates and hosts IT solutions for businesses.
Prodware is active in a sector where success requires a combination of strong IT expertise and industry know-how.
PRODWARE serves more than 17,500 active clients and is a key player and partner for the installation and management of global IT solutions and applications.
Prodware operates in 16 countries and has forged strong strategic alliances with leading integrators and Value Adding Resellers to consolidate its position as a market leader. Prodware uses its size, market presence and alliances to support its customers’ aspirations for international expansion.

Functional Scope: 
Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Billing and Credit Management
Contract Management
Country Pack
Customer Communication
Customer Management
Interaction Management
Manual Meter Reading
Market Communication
Meter Data Management
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Product Management