logo hvc energieMECOMS™ empowers HVCenergie to offer excellent service

HVCenergie produces energy from waste incarnation and sells it to shareholding municipalities, businesses and private individuals. After deciding to insource their supplier activities, HVCenergie chose MECOMS™ as a complete solution.

MECOMS™ integrates all activities into a single, easy-to-use system. Its flexibility enables HVCenergie to provide an excellent service to its customers, tailored to their individual needs.


HVC is a modern and innovative waste and energy company based in Alkmaar (the Netherlands). It is owned by 52 municipalities and 6 water authorities and strives towards a sustainable environment by providing environmentally responsible waste management services.


HVCenergie delivers a major part of its energy output to fifty of its shareholding municipalities. These customers have thousands of connections and make the billing process very complex.

Finding the right solution

HVCenergie started looking for a solution which would allow them to handle these processes internally. Martijn Glorie recalls: "We received several proposals, but most of them were fragmented patchwork solutions. Ferranti‘s MECOMS™ was one of the few solutions that truly integrated all activities, offering us the required flexibility to offer a high service level to our customers."

Rapid implementation, continuous change

Once the decision had been made, the implementation started very soon, and was delivered within four months. MECOMS™ was integrated with existing systems and posts billing data to the general ledger of FIS4All, the accounting software used by HVCenergie.


Martijn Glorie: "The main value of MECOMS™ is that it is a complete, integrated product, handling all the steps: data communication (EDINE through CPS), consumption calculation (heat), billing, collections, CRM, general ledger and journal bookings."


Integrated Utility
Functional Scope: 
Billing and Credit Management
Business Intelligence
Contract Management
Customer Communication
Customer Management
Interaction Management
Meter Data Management
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Performance Management
Portfolio Management
Product Management
Validation and Calculation
Process Scope: 
Manage Assets
Measure & Deliver
Bill & Collect