logo stadsverwarmingStadsverwarming Purmerend uses MECOMS™ to increase service while lowering costs

Stadsverwarming Purmerend provides district heating to the city of Purmerend in North-Holland. Stadsverwarming Purmerend chose MECOMS™ to insource its front and back office activities and gain back control. MECOMS™ enabled Stadsverwarming Purmerend to increase customer satisfaction and payment rates while reducing the operational cost by approximately 20%. It also allows Stadsverwarming Purmerend to be more flexible and quickly cope with any future changes.


Stadsverwarming Purmerend (SVP) is the district heating company of Purmerend, a city in North-Holland (The Netherlands). SVP was founded in 1981 as a municipal company and gained independence in 2007.

Before MECOMS™

Before the privatization, the municipality of Purmerend had outsourced the front and back office activities to a third party with its own, external, IT platform. The financial accounting was done on the IT systems of the municipality. Under these arrangements, getting insight into business performance was complicated.

Insourcing activities

In 2009, SVP decided to insource these activities and take the reins. SVP would establish its own customer care organization and handle all operational and financial processes itself with a new, integrated IT system. Guided by external consultancy, SVP created a shortlist of solution providers in early 2009.

Rapid implementation

Implementation was started immediately. MECOMS™ would be used to handle CRM, billing, credit management, meter reading and meter data management. A new online portal would give customers access to their data. The underlying Microsoft Dynamics AX platform would be used for general ERP processes, such as finance, procurement, stock management and projects.

Business value

Walter Verdonk: "Since we adopted MECOMS™, we were able to drastically improve our performance on several fronts. Our call center, for example, is now located in our main office, together with all other departments. The integration of our activities into one single system has empowered our staff to be more effective and our customer care agents are much more involved with our customers. Customer satisfaction has increased substantially. For example, in 2010 complaints amounted to less than 1% of all customer inquiries. A remarkable result, especially in a go-live year."


Integrated Utility
Functional Scope: 
Billing and Credit Management
Contract Management
Customer Communication
Customer Management
Interaction Management
Meter Data Management
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Product Management
Validation and Calculation