logo waternetWaternet increases employee productivity by 20%

The merger that gave rise to Waternet, sparked a drastic reform of their IT portfolio. MECOMS™ empowered Waternet employees by translating even the most complex processes into an efficient and user friendly interface, increasing their productivity and satisfaction while reducing their training needs. Divergent data sources were seamlessly integrated into a single flexible solution. With a considerably lower TCO.


Waternet manages the entire water cycle, from drinking water to waste water, in the city of Amsterdam and a number of other communes. It is the result of a recent merger between the Amsterdam Water Authority and the communal sewerage DWR. Apart from providing drinking water and processing sewerage, Waternet is responsible for flood protection, keeping waterways navigable and maintenance of Amsterdam’s idyllic canals.

Outsourcing is costly

Waternet used to outsource its ERP/CRM activities to PWN, the provincial water authority. According to Kiki Quist, functional manager at Waternet: "This was not only a costly solution, the activities were also considered too business-critical to outsource. We wanted to move to an in-house IT environment with a lower TCO."

Wanted: a complete water billing solution

As a consequence, the schedule of requirements was a weighty affair. The new system would need to offer complete support of all business processes around water billing. Furthermore it would need to be capable of integrating widely diverging data sources. And, finally, it would need to perform all of this in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Proof of concept

However, as cost is not the only important element behind an informed decision, Waternet requested a proof of concept from Ferranti and another supplier. Both parties were given one month to develop two important business processes. A change of address procedure and a customer call about correcting a bill of someone who has already moved. Kiki Quist: “With our old system, it was not possible to address such matters on the telephone, seeing as they took a good half hour to resolve."


All drinking water bills for residents of Amsterdam are now produced with the new ERP system. The product processes some 400 000 drinking water deliveries and contains details of around 300 000 customers. Kiki Quist: "The new MECOMS™ environment is so intuitive that you can already start working with it very quickly. Training costs for new front- and back-office employees are a lot lower. There is a clear shift in activities because departments and employees can now do a lot more on their own and work around 20% faster. That translates into a considerable improvement in productivity. I expect we will be able to free up a number of FTE’s to work on other core activities."


Summing up, Kiki Quist says: "MECOMS™ has provided us with a flexible solution that offers good support for our business processes. Because these processes are constantly changing, it is good to know that our system can be quickly adapted. As a result, we can serve our customers better while the cost to serve is reduced. Our users work with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, which offers them the possibility to carry out most tasks independently. That also gives our employees a greater sense of satisfaction and for the organization it translates into clear gains in productivity. We are therefore very happy with the solution realized by Ferranti."

Integrated Utility
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Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Billing and Credit Management
Contract Management
Country Pack
Customer Communication
Customer Management
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Manual Meter Reading
Meter Data Management
Microsoft Dynamics AX
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Measure & Deliver
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